As a hairdresser you will be attending to people’s hair. This may involve using a variety of tools and materials to style, cut, colour, straighten, curl and treat all different kinds of hair types.

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What the job looks like
Salary expectation
starts at $32,000 up to $50,000+
The good
  • Using different tools and equipment
  • Working in a social environment
  • Meeting new people
  • Making clients happy
  • Keeping up with fashion trends
  • Potential to own your own salon
  • Potential to travel for seminars or additional training
The not so good
  • Working weekends and evenings
  • Standing for long periods of time
  • Dealing with difficult clients

As a hairdresser you need to have basic maths and science skills as you will be frequently working with chemicals, managing appointments and working to various time limits.

Your work environment can be busy and noisy at times so you will need good communication skills and patience to deal professionally with your clients and other staff.

As well as washing, cutting, colouring and styling your clients' hair, you might also do special events like weddings and formals. You can also train separately for other courses such as make up to compliment your hairdressing skills and broaden your career opportunities.

If you like working with people and are creative, a hairdresser will be a great career choice.

I love it when my clients come in. They become your friends.


Pathways to this career

Subject suggestions for the HSC

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HSC subjects 

Some subjects will count towards your ATAR, others will not. Check with your career advisor before making subject selections.

What can I do after I have finished school?

Courses and qualifications 

Courses and qualifications can give you a great start.


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  • Ask to volunteer at your local salon after school or on weekend
  • Get some part time work to build up your communication and organisation skills
  • Keep up with fashion trends by reading magazines or following celebrities on social media