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University of Newcastle

The University of Newcastle aspires to be a global leader in each of its spheres of achievement. Through engagement with our partners, the University will deliver world-class innovation to support the development of strong regional communities.

Our staff, students and alumni are a resource for our whole community.  We are partners and collaborators in world-class research, teaching and learning, and our skilled graduates contribute to our regions, Australia and the world.

Project Team

Daniel Garland
Project Co-ordinator
Alexandra Richardson
Project Officer
Liz Stephens
Project Officer
Dr. Heather Sharp
Literacy Curriculum Consultant
Dr. Scott Sciffer
Mathematics Curriculum Consultant
Di Shaw
Metacognition Consultant
Research / Strategy / Branding / Creative Direction / User Experience / Executive Production / Technology + Commercial

The Village of Useful

The Village was founded on two principles; firstly, be more village-like, be friendly and collaborate well with others. The second principle is helping our clients be more useful to their customers. Being useful to customers, we believe, is the pursuit all great companies demand of themselves constantly.

We help clients explore their inner useful with digital and traditional advertising and communications. Our My Big Tomorrow roles are market research, strategy, naming and branding, creative direction, user experience design and executive production.

Project Team

Adam Lance
Creative Director
Andy Howard
Digital Director
Emma Levine
Account Management
Steve Pasvolsky & ABC
Film Production
Strategy / User Experience / Website Design / Website Development


Everyone in our team is an expert in their field, and that translates into great ideas and solid implementations of cutting-edge technology.

We have an easy-going culture, we’re all friendly and accommodating, and our clients have direct access to the team members working on their projects. This means responsive communication and happiness all round.

Project Team

Wayde Christie
Managing Director
Leevi Graham
Technical Director
Penny Redhead
Project Management
Ben Lidgard
Iain Henderson
Front-end Build
Iain Saxon
Back-end Build