Interactive Designer

An interactive designer works on digital projects from start to finish. This might include coming up with concepts and ideas then helping to develop them. You could create online advertisements, websites, videos, banner ads and HTML newsletters.

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Interactive Designer
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What the job looks like
Salary expectation
starts at $36,643 up to $76,596+
The good
  • Having a good idea and creating it
  • Solving problems
  • Learning new skills
  • Doing different things each day
The not so good
  • Tight deadlines
  • Long hours and weekend work
  • Stressful at times

As an interactive designer you will usually work with a client to come up with a concept and then work with a team of developers to build it.

Maths will be an important part of your job to help time manage projects. This could be as broad as working out the cost for a client right down to timing animations or working out how long you have to get a key message across in an advertisement.

Good English skills will also help you communicate with clients and colleagues. You might have to do some research and background reading depending on what you are asked to create. It is also important your information is accurate to avoid any mistakes in the final proof.

If you are creative, like working as part of a team and have a love for technology, then this could be the job for you. You will spend most of your time indoors working at a computer.

I get my creativity and ideas from anything and everything. The finished product is very rewarding.


Pathways to this career

Subject suggestions for the HSC

Choosing your HSC subjects from this list could really help with your career. Think carefully about what you want to study after school as you might need to choose specific HSC subjects for that course and to count towards your ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank). An ATAR is your academic rank in relation to other HSC students and helps with University admission.

HSC subjects 

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What can I do after I have finished school?

University degrees 

Studying one of these degrees can help with your career.

Courses and qualifications 

Courses and qualifications can give you a great start.


Check out Photoshop for inspiration and more information

  • Find work experience and get a portfolio of work started
  • Keep up to date with things that are happening in the interactive sphere, particularly new applications
  • Go to career expos and events like university Open Days for information about what you will study
  • Build up software skills for programs like Illustrator, Photoshop and Dreamweaver