An architect plans and designs different kinds of buildings, from residential houses to schools or skyscrapers. Architects do lots of different jobs so there are a number of areas you could work in, depending on your interests. 

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What the job looks like
Salary expectation
starts at $41,700 up to $98,869
The good
  • Specialise in certain areas
  • Explore alternate building options that have a low environmental impact
  • Being creative
The not so good
  • Trying to fit a design within a budget
  • Long hours and meeting deadlines

As an architect your role might involve sketching a design or construction drawings, using a computer to create images and presenting your ideas to a client.

You will also prepare documents that explain rules and materials need for certain jobs.

As an architect you will need excellent maths skills to ensure your design in structurally safe. Builders will work off your design so your figures and measurements need to be accurate so that enough materials are ordered. The builders will also need to know what sort of budget they have to work to.

English is a big part of the job too as you will be writing reports to explain your design. Writing emails is also part of being an architect so your spelling and grammar should be correct.

If you are creative and have a keen eye for design, then a career as an architect could be for you.

Architecture expresses elements of art and culture in a built form.


Pathways to this career

Subject suggestions for the HSC

Choosing your HSC subjects from this list could really help with your career. Think carefully about what you want to study after school as you might need to choose specific HSC subjects for that course and to count towards your ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank). An ATAR is your academic rank in relation to other HSC students and helps with University admission.

HSC subjects 

Some subjects will count towards your ATAR, others will not. Check with your career advisor before making subject selections.

What can I do after I have finished school?

University degrees 

Studying one of these degrees can help with your career.


  • Start using graphic design programs like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. Skills in Microsoft Word are also useful as an architect
  • Get creative and sketch some of your own ideas for a house or building
  • Go to career expos and events like university Open Days for information about what you will study