Construction Project Coordinator

As a construction project coordinator you are responsible for looking after building projects from start to finish. It is up to you to make sure the plans you are given get built within a certain time frame and budget. 

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Construction Project Coordinator
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What the job looks like
Salary expectation
starts at $43,025 up to $50,000+
The good
  • Watching a project develop from a massive hole in the ground to furnished buildings
  • Seeing all the hours and hard work put in come together in the form of residential, commercial or industrial buildings that are satisfying for the community as well
  • Each project is different
  • Working in different outdoor environments
  • Potential to travel
The not so good
  • Long hours
  • Delays that hold the project up

Construction project coordinators keep the operations of a building job running smoothly. It is a social job – up to 250 people can be involved in any building project and you get a mix of working on site and in an office.

You might be working on the construction of a road or house right through to hospitals, hotels or a school. 

In your role you might assist with problems in the design plans before construction starts, use tracking tools to monitor progress once the job has started and talk with architects or engineers throughout the build to keep everyone informed.

You will also need to make sure legal contracts are being met and that the building meets certain standards.

Good English skills will help you understand policies and write up project reports, while mathematics will help you budget properly and come up with project timelines.

If you have a passion for building things and like to work as part of a team, then a career as a construction project coordinator could be for you.

It's diverse, your working on lots of things from construction sites to talking to lawyers.


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  • Try and work part-time in a construction related job while you study
  • Go to career expos and events like university Open Days for information about what you will study