Urban Planner

As an urban planner you will help to plan the development of towns, cities, land use and buildings. The job involves talking to different people including clients, architects, councils and engineers to be able to put a development application together.

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Urban Planner
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What the job looks like
Salary expectation
starts at $44,713 up to $88,652+
The good
  • Turning an idea into something real
  • Seeing your work being constructed
  • Potential to travel or work overseas and interstate
The not so good
  • Producing large reports

Urban planning can be used to create communities, accommodate population growth and revitalise spaces that have become run down or outdated.

You will work with other people to put a plan together and consider any environmental or traffic impacts the development may have. To do this you will need a solid understanding of geography and will use maths to make predictions based on current statistics or data.

All of this information gets put into the plan so good English skills will come in handy to know how to proeperly write up reports and documents. As you will be consuling with lots of different people, good communication skills would also help with the role. Most of the time you will need to translate complex terminology into simple language so everyone involved with the project understands what is going on.

Once your application is approved then the building can begin.

If you like building things, working as part of a team and being creative, then a career as an urban planner could be for you.

I love walking around the city knowing what’s coming next.


Pathways to this career

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Check out the Planning Institute of Australia for more information

  • Think about what type of planning work interests you, such as social issues, transport or urban renewal and development
  • Focus on urban planning for school assignments where you can
  • Go to career expos and events like university Open Days for information about what you will study