Recruitment Consultant

As a recruitment consultant it is your role to match up companies looking for staff and people searching for a job. You need to investigate the requirements of a company and then find an applicant that has the right experience for the job being advertised.

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Recruitment Consultant
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What the job looks like
Salary expectation
starts at $41,275 up to $74,641+
The good
  • Meeting different people and listening to their stories
  • Being able to make a difference to a person’s life
  • Congratulating successful candidates
  • Having a role that is fast-paced and stimulating
  • Keeping up to date with IT and communication developments
The not so good
  • Working hard with a client for a job that sometimes does not work out

As a recruitment consultant you act as a bit of a match maker between employers and suitable staff. It is your job to find apropriate work for job seekers, or create a role on behalf of an organisation looking for specific workers.

Recruitment consultants need to meet targets and be persuasive, so you will have to be a good negotiator.

Good English skills are essential as you will be preparing resumes, reading job descriptions and writing advertisements for online and in newspapers. 

Mathematics will also come in handy when negotiating pay and salary rates or meeting the financial targets of your company. 

If you are confident, a good listener and enjoy business, then a career as a recruitment consultant could be for you.

There is nothing better than the satisfaction of finding someone a new job.


Pathways to this career

Subject suggestions for the HSC

Choosing your HSC subjects from this list could really help with your career. Think carefully about what you want to study after school as you might need to choose specific HSC subjects for that course and to count towards your ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank). An ATAR is your academic rank in relation to other HSC students and helps with University admission.

HSC subjects 

Some subjects will count towards your ATAR, others will not. Check with your career advisor before making subject selections.

What can I do after I have finished school?

University degrees 

Studying one of these degrees can help with your career.

Courses and qualifications 

Courses and qualifications can give you a great start.


Check out the Recruitment & Consulting Services Association for more information

  • Find out what skills and industry areas are in high demand at the moment
  • Sales skills are important so see if you can get casual or part time work to develop some experience
  • Get familiar with using social media sites as consultants often advertise positions and communicate via these sites
  • Go to career expo events to find out more information