Finance Lecturer

As a finance lecturer you will explain the business of finance to students or professionals. Finance is all about managing large amounts of money. 

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Finance Lecturer
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What the job looks like
Salary expectation
starts at $55,500 up to $127,054+
The good
  • Keeping up to date with what is happening in finance
  • Thrill of connecting with an audience and giving a great lecture
  • Understanding information that impacts countries around the world
  • Finance constantly changes so there are always new case studies and examples to look at
The not so good
  • People not paying attention in a lecture
  • Lots of marking

Creating a successful career as a finance lecturer will mean combining your passion and knowledge for finance with your ability to teach.

The teaching component of the job means you will need to become confident and capable with presenting to small and large groups. Lectures can go from one to three hours on a particular topic and there can be a handful or hundreds of students in the room.

As a lecturer you will need to contribute to research activities including writing publications or articles. This will require excellent English skills as your work will be your credibility in the industry. 

Finance involves different types of maths so you will need to learn about currency, shares, investments and interest. These figures can change on a daily basis so you might find yourself re-calculating numbers or using different examples in your teaching according to the latest rates. A solid understanding of statistics and percentages will come in handy for you to make accurate predictions and forecasts about the finance sector.

If you are interested in business and figures, then a career as a finance lecturer could be for you.

You’re introducing people to a new concept, developing a skill set and improving their confidence.


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